Physio@Home- Mini Loop Fabric Resistance Bands 3-Pack

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PROGRESS YOUR EXERCISES: 3 different strength bands and sizes for all your exercise needs.
VERSATILITY FOR ANY WORKOUT: Integrate our fabric resistance bands seamlessly into your home exercise program. The Physio@Home fabric resistance loops are fantastic for developing strength, stability, flexibility, range of motion and balance.
VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS: Fabric resistance loops are a must-have piece of equipment for injury prevention, muscle activation and rehabilitation. These bands work especially well for the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle joints.
COMMITTED TO QUALITY: Physio@Home Bands conducts the highest levels of quality testing on our products to ensure that you are receiving what you need and deserve. Our bands are easy on your skin - no pinching, slipping or aggressive friction, and our excellent construction quality ensures minimal rolling. Tested by licenced physiotherapists

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