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Floral Bud Vase/Propagation Station- Round

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Cold Lake



For all the Plant Lovers: Brighten up your living space with this beautiful bud vase/propagation station. Comes with a "test tube" that you can place your favorite flower stem, or start propagating your own plants. Test Tubes come in clear, purple or blue. You can choose your colour if you do not wish a clear tube.

The first layer has dried flowers set in glass like Epoxy Resin. The 2nd Layer of Resin was tined in a "glowing" shad of bright yellow. You will me amazed when the background glows if enough light has been captured in the mica powder used to colour the resin. This bud vase will have you feeling as if you are looking at a bright sunny day in the garden

Give as a unique gift for someone special or add to your own plant collection.

4.5”tall x 5”wide x 1.5”deep

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